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In this demo, a typical T1-weighted brain MRI is loaded in the main browser window. Once rendered, the volume is arbitrarily resliced along randomly generated planes.

The original data was collected along a single scan direction, in this case the sagittal direction (which means slices parallel to a line dividing the head into left and right halves). All these slices together can be stacked like plates into a volume. Most medical viewing software would show MRI data along the acquired direction, and then also interpolated along two other orthogonal directions: axial (top to bottom) and coronal (front to back).

Here, we present complete arbitrary reslicing along any plane direction. Each time a new plane is selected, a new slice projection along that plane is generated live. The absolute size of the normal vector's (x, y, z) values are used to define the [RGB] color for that slice. This demo shows the computational power and speed of javascript and WebGL, while also presented a new and intuitive interface to interacting with volumetric medical data. Indeed, most stand-alone client software does not offer this arbitrary reslice functionality.




Modality: T1-weighted MRI
Anatomy: Brain
Size: 256 x 256 x 176 pixels
Color Depth: 32 bits
Image size: 11.95 MB

UI Help
General panel

Interaction mode:
Demo: Reslice data randomly
Cam: As the box is rotated, show the mid-volumetric slice normal to the camera
Box: Keep slice fixed, but rotate the bounding box
Palm (Leap Motion): look at the data in the palm normal direction
Point (Leap Motion): explore data with your fingers
-> 2 fingers to rotate the box
-> 4 fingers to scroll through slices
Show BBox:Show/Hide the data bounding box
Slice Coloring:Turn on/off slice coloring based on slice normal direction. When off, show only shades of gray.

Slice Orientation

Normals range between -1.0 and 1.0.

Normal X Dir: X component of the slice normal
Normal Y Dir: Y component of the slice normal
Normal Z Dir: Z component of the slice normal
Color: Color based on the slice normal:
[R, G, B] = [NormZ, NormY, NormX]

Slice Selection

Slice index: Slice index along the given normal direction

Scene Orientation

Free: User defines camera location
Sagittal: Orientate sagittally
Coronal: Orientate coronally
Axial: Orientate axially

Nicolas Rannou
Daniel Haehn
Rudolph Pienaar
Ellen Grant
Boston Children's Hospital